Reminder of our SEVERE UK terror threat level following yesterday's events in Brussels

In the wake of the devastating acts of terrorism which took place in the Belgian capital city of Brussels yesterday morning, GMS Group issue the following reminder and warning message to all staff & contacts:

Neil Male, GMS Group CEO offers his condolences on behalf of the group to the victims of yesterday’s attacks in Brussels and to the families of those who have lost loved ones.

It is important at this time to remember that the UK itself remains at a SEVERE threat level from international terrorism. This means that an attack of this kind is HIGHLY LIKELY here. It is therefore very important to remain alert and vigilant at all times.

If you suspect terrorism at any time, you must report it. Follow this link for instructions on how to report suspicious activity to MI5.

The safety of UK citizens is the government’s priority and GMS Security will do everything they can to support their work.

Find out more about the current threat level to the UK by clicking here

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